"On the first day of September 1988, Outward Bound Sabah received its Charter license from Outward Bound UK". This year Outward Bound Sabah (OBS) is celebrating its 32nd Anniversary as a non-profit outdoor adventure education in the rainforest of Borneo. To commemorate this special occasion, we will be organizing an array of special events to celebrate OBS Anniversary in most unique style.


Family Fun Day - 2nd of September 2017

The centre will be opened for public viewing, to witness activities in action as well as for family weekend outing. Everybody is invited!... more information 


Anniversary Expedition Into the Lost World Maliau Basin - 3rd to 7th of September 2017

Organised especially for staff and invited guests, the expedition will simply be enjoyed by Outward Bounders as it is an excellent site for jungle trekking and to experience the wonders of pristine tropical rainforest. Maliau Basin Conservation Area is one of Malaysia's finest remaining untouched wilderness areas... more information    


Community Service Project - 8th to 10th of September 2017

On returning from expedition from Maliau Basin, the group will join other volunteers at Nabawan district to participate in the community service work. Volunteers will get first hand opportunity working with boarders and youths from the interior rural areas of Sabah, sharing their culture and tradition... more information



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